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Unlock Success: Microsoft AI-102 Questions Dumps You Need

I passed my first Microsoft Certification exam (at Pearson VUE). Now what do I do?
Congratulations! To explore next steps and available benefits, see your benefits and exams dashboard. Sign in using the same Microsoft account you used to register for your exam.

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If I do not pass, what can I do?

Prioritize the skills that you should practice by focusing on the content areas where your exam performance was the weakest and in the content areas that have the highest percentage of questions. Additionally, you may want to review the resources provided on the exam details page, and our Study Groups, which can be found at the bottom of the individual exam details page. When you are ready to retake the exam, schedule an appointment as you normally would. Note that you must pay for each exam you retake and follow Microsoft’s retake policy.
Take this Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution: AI-102 exam and become a part of the futuristic world of Artificial Intelligence and grow your career by attaining Azure AI-102 certification.
In This AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution course you will learn how to design, manage, and deploy Microsoft Azure AI solutions that use Azure Cognitive Services and Applied AI services.

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To prepare for the AI-102 certification exam, we provide 110 practice tests with a detailed explanation of answers which are very similar to the actual exam.
By the end of this course, you will be able to pass the AI-102 exam on the first attempt and master yourself in Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution.
•    Key Features of the Course
•    3 Full-Length Mock Exams (100+ Unique Questions)
•    Objective-Based Practice Tests
•    Exhaustive Explanation with every question
•    Reports to assess strengths & weaknesses
•    Unlimited Access for 2 years
•    24x7 Support from our Subject Matter Experts
•    Auto-updates to the AI-102 course content

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Requirements / Skills Required for taking the AI-102 exam
Candidates who are appearing for this AI 102 exam should have the below skills:
Developing an Azure Cognitive Services strategy and Implementing.
•    Computer Vision solutions may be implemented
•    Develop natural language processing applications
•    Knowledge-mining solutions should be implemented
Make use of AI conversational assistants

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What you'll learn in the AI-102 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution certification exam?

The AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution exam covers the following domains and it is significant to get familiar with the below concepts to pass the exam:
Plan and manage an Azure AI solution (25–30%): In this domain, you can get overview of the following topics such as selection of appropriate Azure AI service , configuration of security for Azure AI services, Creation and management of Azure AI service, deployment of Azure AI services and Creation of solutions to detect anomalies and improvise the content.
Implement image and video processing solutions (15–20%): In this part, you will get the information on how to analyze the images and extract text from images,  image classification and object detection by using Vision service and process videos.
Implement natural language processing solutions (25–30%): It might cover up the topics such as analyzing text, processing speech, translating language, building and managing a language understanding model.
Implement knowledge mining solutions (5–10%): You can be familiar with the key concepts such as Implement a Cognitive Search solution and application of AI enrichment skills to an indexer pipeline.
Implement conversational AI solutions (15–20%): You might get into the topics in this domain such as design and implement conversation flow and building a conversational bot.
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How do I prepare for the AI-102 exam?

Step-1: Start learning the exam objectives of AI-102 certification clearly and find out the skills which you need to learn. You can also take up a study guide on the AI-102 certification exam.
Step-2: Try attending free questions available for the AI-102 exam. Once you are very familiar with the exam objectives, it’s time to try out the practice tests which have unique questions on the AI-102 exam.
Step-3: Even Microsoft recommends trying out AI-102 practice tests. Have a relook at practice tests again and when you are confident enough, try the actual exams without any fear.

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